Linkbaiting Elements


Link baiting service is the latest buzz on search engines optimization industry and has considered as a natural way to natural link baiting. Linkbaiting means to create something naturally to attract back links for your website pages by getting people to talk about it, discussing it in forum sites, blogging about it and posting to relevant sites. This technique has proven to be web traffic magnet.

In doing this, here are some of its elements that you should take into consideration:

  1. Strong headline. A catchy headline that is capable of capturing one’s attention is the most important part of highly linkable content.

  2. Quality and unique information: research, conceptualization phrase of the content, the quality of the information as well as the method of approach should be managed properly as these elements are essential for link baiting creation

  3. Visuals: pertains to the design element of the web page. Having a well-designed webpage is a good tool to attract readers to read in more into the content. This can be through the images, layout and graphics used in the page

  4. Unexpected hook: this part of the link bait is the usual section which triggers the readers to share or link to the content due to its unexpected approach which may be in the form of comprehensiveness, uniqueness or the usefulness of the information provided

  5. Contact list: creating a list of contacts who may be interested to share link bait before launching it can enhance the encouraging effect of the link bait once it goes live